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For all who need comfort - For all who need friendship - For all who desire the support of a loving family - For all who are lonely and desire companionship - For all who are lost in sin and need a Savior - For all who desire to serve the living God - To whosoever will, Union Baptist Church opens wide its doors and in the name of Jesus the Christ, say Welcome!

Welcome to Union Baptist Church, in the village of Harlem.  We're glad that you could stop by our website. Here at the Union Baptist Church, we believe that the Bible, both the Old and the New Testaments, is God's word; written by the hands of men guided by the Holy Spirit.  Union's mission is to proclaim the Gospel, build christian communities and to give our love and service in the world.

Vision Statement

 The Union Baptist Church will seek to fulfill the Great Commission by worshiping, preaching and teaching the gospel, nurturing the saints, and witnessing at home and around the world.

Sunday Worship

9:00 am      Church School

10:30 am    Morning Worship Service






Good evening Unionites,

In the face of this unprecedented pandemic, we understand your concerns regarding the sanitation of our church building. These are very valid concerns. To combat the rising number of COVID-19 cases in our community, the Union Baptist Church of Harlem is committed to maintaining excellence in all things. We have engaged the services of a professional cleaning company that will make sure that our church is a safe place to worship.  These cleaning professionals will use industrial strength products to disinfect, sanitize, and steam clean every office, every area, and every pew of  the Union Baptist Church. No area will go untouched. 

Please continue to pray through this most challenging time as we continue to reach up to exalt the Savior, reach out to all the world, and reach in to our sisters and brothers!

Yours in much affection,

Pastor Scott